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PCDP Releases "PrebleCountyCareers" Job Portal - Preble County "HAS YOUR JOB"!

Find talent with an all local resource! Preble County is your local resource for attracting new workforce talent from within your community. This robust online platform was designed to function as a job board and a powerful recruiting tool. For local employers, PrebleCountyCareers is the answer to workforce attraction and retention! Learn more today and post your job openings at!

Ready to start your career or make a career move? There are plenty of great jobs available for you today… right here in Preble County!

PrebleCountyCareers is your local resource for amping up your resume and connecting one-on-one with local employers. Sign up online or use our app to make a career move, find seasonal work, school internships, or to launch your long-term career close to home! Connect directly with local employers!

Local companies are in need of and seeking local talent, who all too often do not realize the opportunities available to them in their own backyards.

The goal of Preble County Careers is to ensure individuals in the community and surrounding area are aware of the jobs and careers available to them here in Preble County. Visit today!

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