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Cargill to Build Non-Medicated Animal Feed Facility in Lewisburg

The plant will cost $49.6 million to construct and will result in Cargill adding 12 new jobs. When the company opens in 2019, it will be their only “fully non-medicated” animal feed plant in the U.S.

Dean Barker, Director of Operations for Cargill’s premix and nutrition business stated, “As consumers prefer higher transparency in their food purchases and more antibiotic-free choices, it will be critical that we are proactive in manufacturing our premixes and nutritional products efficiently, safely and with integrity. There is an increase in food companies requiring medicated-free production facilities to assure a risk-free supply chain.

The 220,000 sf facility will also be able to produce custom blends requested by customers.”

The new plant will complement their other Lewisburg facility which manufactures fully medicated animal feed.

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