Quality of Life

"Preble County is a great place to live, work and play!"

Entertainment and Food

Preble County loves to eat. From the local diner to venues serving up a culinary masterpiece, you'll find something to satisfy your pallet here.


And for entertainment, we have an abundance of that too. If you love nature, be sure to visit our beautiful Acton Lake located in Hueston Woods (see the picture at the bottom of our home page). Or visit our nationally acclaimed covered bridges.


You will always find a variety of community events which can be accessed from our partner site (Preble County Convention and Visitor's Bureau). There's never a shortage of fun like our many festivals, the Preble County Fair, livestock shows, outdoor concerts (check out the Eatonic Music Festival), fireworks and more.


If you love sports and healthy living - you will find private and public sporting activities for you and your family, as well as a beautiful YMCA and other health clubs throughout the county.

Jobs and Employment


Preble county is full of manufacturing, institutional, public and private sector job opportunities. We will be glad to assist you in find the resources to seek out gainful employment in our county. Give us a call at 937-456-2757.



Our communities have some of the best healthcare in the country. Preble County is in proximity to numerous hospitals & urgent care facilities, dental and eyecare offices, chiropractic centers, general practioners and public clinics.


We would be glad to assist you in assessing what healthcare services are available in your area. Feel free to call us at 937-456-2757.